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You are burned out and stuck in the same cycle. You just can’t any more. 

You spend so much of your time trying to just SURVIVE - emotionally, financially and physically that you can't even imagine what THRIVING feels like. You've tried everything!

Overwhelm has become your standard way of life. You wonder - "What happened to all the passion and drive I used to have??? I used to be so [insert the parts of yourself lost to trauma here]" 

The world has its cards stacked against you. You've always been so kind and loving, so you don't understand why so many AWFUL things keep happening to you. So you start to blame yourself, become harshly critical and never seem to do anything right. You’ll never be enough or do enough right. Maybe you deserve to feel this way... 

But somewhere inside of you - you know you're meant for SO MUCH MORE.

And you're right. You ARE meant for AMAZING THINGS! 


All you need is a reminder of who you were before you forgot - to awaken your WILD SELF, your PASSION and CREATIVITY with a loving nudge and reminder from a Cyclical Living community that cares about you and believes in you.  Sometimes you have to LOSE YOURSELF to FIND YOURSELF.

Let us help you retrieve the WILD FORCE OF NATURE within you and BRING IT BACK TO LIFE!




Transform Your Life Through Cyclical Living


What if I told you if you are not living your calling, you are NOT broken… 


What if I said - this is to be EXPECTED when not living in FLOW?


It’s a reaction to living in a society that has cut us off from CYCLICAL LIVING knowledge.


We have been:

  • Isolated from nature’s seasonal cycles

  • Disconnected from lunar cycles

  • Shamed away from the humxn womb life cycle


You are a CYCLICAL CREATRIX and this flow is your MAGIC.


The earth, moon and our hormones take us through four distinct phases each month. We experience FOUR SEASONS + our brain chemistry alters a whopping 25% EVERY MONTH.


This is our SUPERPOWER if we learn how to harness it.


It’s INEVITABLE that you will manifest anything when you work in flow. 


Perhaps it feels impossible right now.


You tried diets. You tried pills. You tried exercise. You fully embraced yoga, but you still STRUGGLE to find any ease in facing life’s challenges.


I tried all those things. And none of them were complete without CYCLICAL LIVING.


We function not just on a solar cycle, BUT ALSO on a lunar, seasonal and hormonal cycle, showing different portions of shadow and light every day.


But we were intentionally ROBBED of this ancient wisdom - our ancestors burned at the stake for sharing it.


Don’t you ever wonder why we are taught to fear witches and not those who burned them alive?


All plants, animals + humxns are affected by these cycles - ALL GENDERS and identities.


Yet the world expects us to show up as the same productive + disconnected being every day!! Then - we’re made to believe WE are the broken ones.




We’ve internalized the trauma of patriarchy, white supremacy, religious violence and capitalism for so long, we can’t even see our CYCLICAL NATURE is at the HEART of our POWER as humxn beings - even more so for womb-carriers - despite it STARING US IN THE FACE.


Our wombs have been crying out for centuries and we keep stifling them with pills. Just to produce and consume more of Mother Earth until there’s nothing left. All to feed a system that fears we’ll wake up to the truth.




I’m here to help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, and our COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE on this planet. Move from TRIGGERED to EMPOWERED so you can awaken to this ANCIENT truth that was robbed from us. 


Wake up each day alive in your power. Embrace your shadows. Own your life’s purpose. Live your best life with ease. Love your body + identity. Feel spiritually fulfilled. Have a holistic sense of wellness. Access parts of yourself you never knew possible.


It’s time to stop fighting the oppressor and start empowering ourselves. Because once we awaken to our POWER- nothing can stop us.

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How I Found Cyclical Living


“Just take this pill forever if you want any hope at a normal life because you are broken”

Of all the lies doctors tell to make money, this one takes the cake. All the doctors telling me this lie never bothered to look deeper into my menstrual health, nutritional needs, past untreated traumas and more.

My name is Lexi. In 2009, I was diagnosed with PMDD + Depression. 2011 with Bipolar. 2012 with ADHD. 2014 with PTSD. The list goes on.

My symptoms had been raging for 10+ years . . .

👉  Extreme highs to sleeping for days

👉  Brain fog + inability to focus

👉  Job + relationship dissatisfaction 

👉  Emotional dysregulation

👉  Excruciating PMS + painful periods

👉  Constantly triggered leading to self-harm and hopelessness

👉  Disassociation + identity crises

But what bothered me MOST was that each pill my doctors added made me feel worse instead of better.


To my doctor, it was a quick fix of lexapro, lamictal, abilify and adderall.


To me, it was a deteriorating liver + gut that manifested as chronic physical ailments.


UTIs. Yeast Infections. Swelling + inflammation. Bloating. Unbearable periods. 


I had enough.


I threw out all I knew and began a wellness journey - to HEAL myself instead of masking symptoms.


I went ALL IN to find the root cause. I spent 8 years researching holistic methods to find out I was misdiagnosed on many fronts.


And what I discovered through mindful CYCLICAL LIVING was so LIFE altering, I knew I had to  share it.


What I discovered IS NOT a quick fix - but it did put the power back in my hands. It has been a long journey, but worth every break down and hysterical cry.


Through CYCLICAL LIVING PRACTICES, Not only did I . . .


👉  Transform hopelessness into a life I LOVE

👉  Restore POWER to manifest my dreams

👉  Learn to LOVE my menstrual cycle

👉  Embrace my neurodivergent + queer-ness

👉  Rekindle nourishing relationships

👉  Make creative work while attracting money

👉  Rekindle my identity as a dancer, artist + maker


I’ve also helped coach others to do the same.

Go from TRIGGERED TO EMPOWERED. Live in flow with Lunar,

Seasonal and Womb life cycles to awaken, process and ease what

ails you - let me show you how.

Interested in being my next success story?

In my 27 Days To Cyclical Living Program, I am revealing how - starting May 2! 

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Womb Wellness Yoga.jpeg

Overcome Collective Womb Trauma To Step Into Your Power With 27 Days To Cyclical Living


I’m not satisfied with practices that aim to get immediate results or a quick fix treating symptoms. I'm NOT interested in weight loss, instant gratification or finding a feel-good sense of immediate relief, calm, light and love.


I choose to embrace and graciously accept the entire spectrum of spirituality and human nature. To welcome pain, shadows + ancestral trauma in order to overcome suffering. To allow what exists without judgement.

So, if you want to work with me, you have to be prepared to get real, dig deep, and experience some intense shit.

I’m obsessed with all things body, mind and spirit and have dedicated a lifetime to healing all three within myself and helping others in my life to do the same. I use years of experience as a dance and somatic instructor, yoga instructor, practicing witch and thriving survivor of PTSD to offer you a yin/yang perspective on spirituality that’s accessible, grounded, and rooted in evidence-based methods, science and anthropology.

It is within your power to use your body to access the most magical, expansive, and powerful parts of the Universe and I want to show you how.


Inside your sacral chakra, you’ll find your Creatrix energy, from which all things you want to manifest in life come. Once you step into your power you will…


👉  Reconnect with who you are + your inner purpose

👉  Become deeply spiritually connected to yourself, the earth + others

👉  Restore POWER to manifest your dreams

👉  Enjoy easy, natural periods, and blissful BLEEDING

👉  Go from triggered to EMPOWERED

👉  Live a life you LOVE

👉  Drop gender + queer-based shame 

👉  Embrace your humanness and neurodivergent gifts

👉  Rekindle nourishing relationships and join a loving, supportive community

👉  Forgive yourself and others 

👉  Access your creative energy center with ease

👉  Heal your ancestral lineage of trauma passed through the generations

It’s Time To Feel Alive Again


FALL IN LOVE with the cyclical force of nature within + outside of ourselves. Go from TRIGGERED to EMPOWERED. So you can OVERCOME TRAUMAS and STEP INTO YOUR POWER!


Wake up loving yourself, your body, your mind and spirit SO MUCH that you light up every room you walk into because you are so connected to your spirit and inner nature.


Enjoy pleasure in your life - without any guilt.


Live in a world where all genders respect, understand, honor, embody and embrace the spiritual significance of CYCLICAL LIVING.


Reach a higher state of consciousness by vibrating at a frequency in tune with that of your cycle, the lunar cycle and the earth’s cycle.


Amplify all the higher vibrating versions of yourself.


Be one with a safe community that supports you on your journey.


"I gotta tell you guys - she is a queen right here. This morning she did a yoga session that was out of this world! She broke down a whole yoga session that had me rethinking my entire reproductive system, had me trying to figure out who I really am. I was like - WAIT A MINUTE- like... this is a thing?  She was breaking it down so crazy- because we don't really know how our cycles work. It's crazy, when I say she was breaking it down - she was informing me - I was like, wait a minute, so the fact that I'm PMSing right now, is just my body saying 'you need to rest'?? And it doesn't matter what my schedule says??"

-Cyclical Yoga client

"Thank you Lexi! It was so nourishing to my soul! Providing space for our wombs and learning more deeply about our cycles."

-Womb Embodiment client

"Thank you for this offering, it was exactly what I needed"

-Womb Embodiment client

"Lexi - Thank you so much for all the guidance and encouragement to discover. Your knowledge is amazing and your focus on self guidance and inner work was truly an inspiration. In such gratitude of your divine energy." 

-Womb Embodiment client

"Thanks a lot Lexi for last night and for doing this work. It was beautiful and nurturing. I kept the conversations with my womb the rest of the night and it is amazing the amount of information there is in there informing us all the time."

-Womb Embodiment client

"That was so amazing last night - I never felt so connected to a group before. They were soooo in tune with heart" 

-New Moon Manifestation client

Cyclical Arts Academy Sample Module Sessions - Next Round Dates TBA!


Sunday, MAY 2 - MODULE #1 | WANING MOON | 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (8:30am Pacific, 5:30pm Central European)

-What is Cyclical Living? - A Historical + Modern day View

-How to Track + what to expect over the next 27 days

-Waning Moon, Inner Autumn + Luteal Phase self-care | Breaking the PMS Myth!

-Acceptance, Mindful body awareness + Listening to Cues to process trauma, grief + pain

-Guest Expert: Flow With Your Flow: Lindsay Yeager on tracking + Fertility Awareness Method


Sunday, MAY 9 - MODULE #2 | NEW MOON | 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (8:30am Pacific, 5:30pm Central European)

-Why do we Manifest on the New Moon?

-The evidence based magic of menstrual blood + healing collective wounded feminine

-New Moon, Inner Autumn + Menstrual Phase self-care

-Active Rest, the Productivity Myth + Refilling your cup as a revolutionary act

-Guest Expert: Moonlix: Phased-based nutrition


Tuesday, MAY 11 - Optional SACRED CIRCLE for Manifesting Change | Two options: 8am EST + 8pm EST

*Free/donation based + open to public

-Guest experts: Tarot reading, Astrology reading, Kundalini meditation + Manifestation spell


Sunday, MAY 16 - MODULE #3 | WAXING MOON | 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (8:30am Pacific, 5:30pm Central European)

-How do we tend to our manifestations/seeds during the Waxing Moon?

-Waxing Moon, Inner Spring + Follicular Phase self-care

-Coping with Overwhelm, Procrastination, Anxiety, Indecision + the Freeze Factor 

-Guest Expert: Ashe Living on Birth Control + IUD cyclical effects + care


Sunday, MAY 23 - MODULE #4 | FULL MOON | 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (8:30am Pacific, 5:30pm Central European)

-Why do we Cleanse on the Full Moon?

-Healing our collective wounded masculine

-Full Moon, Inner Summer + Ovulatory Phase self-care

-Feeling feisty, sacred sexuality + releasing shame

-Guest Expert: Fox Sinclair, founder of Foxercise - Overcome Sexual Shame + Sexy Embodiment


Wednesday, MAY 26 - Optional FULL MOON CIRCLE for Cleansing + Celebrating | Two options: 8am EST + 8pm EST

*Free/donation based + open to public

-Guest Expert: Goddess Adorned taking us through a Sacred Twerking experience!


Sunday, MAY 30 - CLOSING CIRCLE | 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (8:30am Pacific, 5:30pm Central European)

-Informal final gathering to share our transformations, stories, goals and experiences moving forward



*SURPRISE Sign-up Gift upon sign-up to help you track your cycle + do deep Yoni-work all month!

*Daily access + support from a loving soul circle

*Daily phase-based resources including journal prompts, podcasts + articles

*A buddy system for more intimate conversations and questions throughout the month

*Free video of the 4-phase womb embodiment yoga class

*Weekly Cyclical Living Yoga Class every Sunday at 10am EDT


Full 27-day program: $997 or four payments of $249.25

*5 BIPOC Scholarships available - click below to apply <3

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